Las Vegas to Los Angeles Auto Transport

So your looking to ship a vehicle to Los Angeles, CA from the Las Vegas, NV area? Start by filling our our quote form using the quote link at the top. Once you receive our email and are satisfied with the rate, click the link towards the bottom of the email. Once we receive the information we will set your route for pickup. This trip is usually picked up and delivered within 2-3 days. The open rate for a regular size vehicle is around 300.00$ and the enclosed rate for the same size vehicle is around 450.00$. Open trailers are way more common and is our recommended trailer choice for most vehicles. Enclosed trailers are mainly for small exotic cars, If you try to get a large SUV on an enclosed trailer the price is usually extreme.

Our services offer door to door shipping that’s 100% insured and direct contact with the drivers. This website is powered by Patriot Auto Carriers, LLC. Visit the Auto Shipping HUB for ratings and reviews.

The picture below has nothing to do with auto transport but shows the real beauty of the Los Angeles, CA area. Photo by Tom Anderson